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Ebook Layers PROMO Eng (1).jpg
Image of Layers book by author AGR Goff

How far would you go to uncover the chilling truth behind your mother's murder?

Miranda is willing to go to any length. With unwavering determination, she reaches out to her estranged father, a man she has never met, in pursuit of answers. Little does she know that her quest for justice will plunge her into a world of murder, betrayal, and sinister desires.

As this gripping tale unravels, the past rears its haunting head, and the line between the living and the dead blurs. Miranda's journey takes an unexpected twist, raising the unsettling question: Could the departed still have a sinister grip on the living?

Join Miranda in a suspenseful and electrifying exploration of secrets, family ties, and the darkness that lurks beneath the surface. In a quest for justice that spirals into a heart-pounding thriller, she must navigate the treacherous terrain of her family's secrets to find the answers she seeks. Will she emerge unscathed, or will the past consume her as well?

Circle (1).jpg
Image of Circle book cover by author AGR Goff

A serial killer taking the lives of young men is roaming the busy streets of Cape Town.

Are the murders just the evildoing of a religious lunatic or is a much more convoluted motive at stake? While DI Brite gets closer to the truth, ghosts from his past keep appearing. Solving the case is turning into an obsession weaving its way through his analytical mind. But is he up to the task or far too occupied with his connection to Isar Efra?

Circle is book two in the psychological thriller series Mind Games by A.G.R. Goff.

Mirror eBook (1).jpg
Image of Mirror book cover by author AGR Goff

Ema Efra doesn't give up. Ever. She lost everything—her parents, her boyfriend, her life. Starting in a different country seems to be the only option left. But when she's attacked and left for dead the search begins. Can she trust the people she calls friends, or is one of them connected to her past, out to destroy everything she has built?

Mirror is the third book in the Mind Games series and centers around Ema Efra and her decision to leave England after what happened in book one, Layers. Characters from book two, Circle, will reappear, which means an unexpected connection to South Africa is within reach.

Stroke ebook (1).jpg
Image of Stroke book cover by author AGR Goff

Think you've come to know Ema well?
The sweet girl who weathered a tough upbringing, battled for survival, and even dared to fall in love against insurmountable odds? Think again. In the relentless pursuit of truth, the past inevitably catches up, and this time, it's Ema's turn to confront her inner darkness.

As the secrets of her past unravel, Ema is faced with the truth about how she arrived where she stands today and who truly stands beside her. Most importantly, she must grapple with the startling revelation of her own capabilities. In 'Stroke,' the gripping fourth installment of the 'Mind Games' series, the narrative delves even deeper into the shadows, delivering a darker and more electrifying tale than its predecessors. Ema's transformation and the unveiling of her true nature promise to captivate readers as they traverse a harrowing journey that cannot be missed.


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