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Day 62 South Africa Lockdown (Bat)

I was bat hunting last night. Yes, it sounds horrible. We have bats in the loft. Normally, they don't bother us, and we don't bother them. However, yesterday one of those things got into our house and hid behind the sound bar. How to get it out without touching it? Not that I want to touch it in the first place. Hubby couldn't do it because he's still in too much pain from a hernia operation. But he did point out what I shouldn't do a few times. Very helpful. Anyhow, opening all doors, and shutting off the room, plus switching off the lights didn't help. The little annoyance just stayed where it was. Tried getting it out with Vic. Read somewhere they don't like the menthol smell. Nothing. It stayed put. Don't know. Maybe it had a blocked nose and rather enjoyed it. Two hours later I finally got the courage to push it out with some cardboard and catch it with a net. It just clung to it. Didn't fly away. Just found out later they can't fly off like birds. But I did get it out and hope it's fine. It was dark and all I wanted to do was go to bed. Couldn't see it this morning, so I'm pretty sure it flew off back into the loft.