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8. Marketing

Updated: Apr 14

Writing and publishing a book is a lot of work for a self-publishing author. The marketing can seem even harder. In times of social media, marketing and advertising your own book is becoming increasingly important. For an indie author or an author who does not yet have a big name, it is even more advisable to think about marketing early and to make an individual plan. The art of a successful book project is not just thinking about marketing after publishing it, but planning it before writing. Create a marketing plan for your book as soon as you work on the text structure, the storyboard, and so on. As an author, you know your book best. You should consider measures and possibilities. Here, creativity is needed. From the announcement in the local press or your own blog tour or a reading in a bookstore or social media like twitter, instagram, facebook and the like. Each book requires individual and continuous marketing work. Build up contacts with the press, bloggers and writers groups but also with your readers when drafting and writing - and exchange ideas with other authors. Ideally, at the time of publication, you have already built up a network of journalists, bloggers and readers who are just waiting for your work to finally hit the market.