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4. Think of your readers when writing

Updated: Apr 14

What do you expect from a good book? It's supposed to entertain, teach you something, surprise you? Remember, you write your book not only for yourself, but for your readers. It is advisable to develop a so-called reader avator, for instance an imaginary persona that represents your ideal reader. You can also refine this avator during writing or create an entire avator group. Always have this reader in mind when writing. The best way to get a picture of your ideal reader is put it in words, so that you can edit your text accordingly. Consider what reading preferences this person has, what expectations they might have of your book. Put these expectations into practice when writing. Think about exactly how to write your book and meet the readers' expectations. Don't bore your readers, but surprise them with an unprecedented content. Be creative and provoke the reader with unexpected twists and turns or by doing the complete opposite of your reader's expectations.