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Having the courage for a new start: new year - new book

The new year has started and most of us are already back to our old routine. Our new year's resolutions are history and the inner temptation is taking over again.

You're probably quite glad that the old year is behind you, with all its hardships and challenges.

But you can’t really look forward to the new year, with its opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead of you. The unknown is scary. When is the best time to write a new book? How long will it take? And where shall you get ideas from?

Well, just write one new chapter or only one line.

There is a whole new year waiting for you. You can fill your book chapter by chapter, taking your time. And even though it may not feel like it, YOU have the pen in your hand and YOU can decide what you write and especially how much.

Give your mind space.

It should be less about something specific, it's about remembering the beautiful things in life. Everything you love and what's good for you. And also keeping in mind what you always wished for.

It should remind you that writing is still the meaning of your life and that there is so much unknown waiting for you.

1.) Take your time and create a nice atmosphere.

Make a cup of tea and play beautiful relaxing music.

2.) Collect pictures, individual words and quotes from old magazines

Cut out everything symbolizing your ideas.

3.) Allow yourself to dream

Let your creativity run free. Write down everything that comes to mind, and with which you feel comfortable. Feel your desires and enjoy the feeling. How would it feel, if your ideas were reality?

Just look for a place that feels cosy and feels right for you and your creativity..