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Launch Team


Want to read my next books for…FREE?

If you’re an active reader and are or want to be a book reviewer, join my launch team! You will be able to read and review everything I write for FREE.

How does the launch team work?

Each time I have a new release coming up, you’ll be emailed a link to download an ARC (advanced reader copy) of the forthcoming book. You will then be notified when the book officially launches on retailers. This is when you can leave your review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. In most cases, you will have 2-3 weeks to read the ARC before your review is due.

Why are reviews so important to a book launch?

When a book launches without reviews, it can be difficult for new readers to decide whether they would like it. Regardless of whether a review is good or bad, it helps potential readers decide if the book is a good fit for them or not.

This makes YOU and your review a valuable factor in every book launch!

(Important: I’m not asking for a good review, just an honest one)

  • ARC’s will be available for download via Booksprout or BookFunnel and can be read on ANY digital reader, including your phone, kindle, or computer.

  • ARC’s will be limited to a certain number and will be available on a first come first serve basis. So please only download copies you can commit to reading and reviewing within the timeline.

  • You do NOT have to accept every ARC that I make available to remain on the launch team, but I do ask that you participate as much as you can. If you DO accept an ARC, please be diligent in leaving your review upon launch.

  • Audiobook ARC’s will also be available for you to listen and review. Audiobook promo codes will be available to US and UK listeners via Audible or Findaway Voices. This will work slightly different to reviewing normal books. You will be notified of available audio promo codes after the launch of each audiobook. Reviews will be due upon finishing the audiobook. However, as audiobooks take a long time to be recorded, they are not published as frequently. If you are  interested in


  WANT IN? Here’s how you sign up:


     >>>Sign up for AUDIO ACR's by clicking this link!<<<

     >>>Sign up for BOOK ACR's by clicking this link!<<<


 Upon signing up, you will receive a welcome email reviewing these details, as well as links to any current ARCs  

 available for download.

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